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Building The Midgard Campaign

So this is going to be an experiment on a major scale. 

Before I even begin I have to give a large shout out to Mr Wargamer at The Joy of Wargaming YouTube channel who has provided the inspiration for me to start this. Check out his channel and his humour, they’re great!

The plan is to run a campaign between myself and my brother but with the possibility of others joining in due time…now me and my bro we live in different countries and so this is the first challenge. The second is that as with all people, we have lives outside of this (sadly) and historically making time to come together and actually play is difficult.

For that reason this going to have to be a hybrid of solo play, head to head or cooperative play when we can and online/remote management. 

I want each person to be able to continue their side of the campaign when they like and then when they come together have that fit seamlessly in each persons campaign arc. 

The plan is to use loads of different rules sets…so some of the ones I have planned are Necromunda, 40k, Gorkamorka, Aeronautica and Im sure I’ll add more as we go along (I’d love to try some Indy rulesets such as This is not a Test and Space Combat so we’ll see how it goes.)

The actual campaign rules are evolving and what I want to do with this is go on a journey in to campaign play and how and if it’s possible to run a campaign like this, so the actual rules may shift fairly seriously over the course of the campaign.

The basic idea is to have a grand strategic campaign map, probably played on hexes but I have a few other ideas for that. All of a players assets are on the campaign map. When 2 units meet depending on the type of unit and the size of the force we break down in to the tactical map, which is where we’ll be playing Necromunda, 40k etc…often solo, but with the ability to play PvP if the option is available.

The idea is the strategic campaign has a huge effect on what happens on the tabletop, deciding terrain, attacker and defender, fog of war effects, flanking, defensive installations, preparedness and the forces present, rather than scenarios simply being played in a bubble.

I would also like to have it work the other way around as well (encouraging more of an RPG stye play) where our plucky band of heroes can undertake missions at the tactical scale which then have an effect on the strategic campaign map. 

So they might make a commando raid on an enemy supply depot, wipe out a command post or blow up an aircraft hanger, all of which have an effect on the campaign game at the strategic level as those assets are no longer in play.

The other goal is to keep this as simple as possible but not any simpler. 

I will not be using balancing mechanisms, so it’s entirely possible for our poor band of plucky heroes to be ambushed by an entire Ork Waaagh…such is life and war.  If someone is getting wiped out, as Kirk said..”let them die.”

I mainly want to do this to eventually encourage alliances to be formed and re enact that great and time honoured tradition of ganging up on someone…a mechanic which with our modern day “everyones a winner” mentality seems to have been forgotten…but can often be a lot of fun.

I have to stress at the moment this is all just ideas and a few random scribblings so expect to see this all evolve over time but this is the eventual goal.

I’m sure it’ll be messy, I’m sure we’ll have setbacks and have to get creative and most of the videos I release on this will not be too polished (my brother is the brains of the operation and his videos are likely to be much more beautiful!) but if you fancy coming along for the ride, I’ll be documenting it all here on the blog and on our YouTube Channel

The campaign itself is going to be set on a world called Midgard in a forgotten and long ignored part of the 40k universe .

So that’s the goal, if you want to join me for the ride the best way to keep up to date is to head over to our YouTube channel and subscribe if you click the bell you’ll receive notifications whenever we release a new video on this as well.

You can find our channel here >>

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