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Mission 1 – Da Krew

“I’z fed up of scrubin deze zoggin spudz,” yelled Golgofa pelting another one at his gretchin assistant Snos.

“I noze it boss, but Raklaf big nob told uz to…you shudn’t ave told im he was a zog wit.” Snos replied, deftly sidestepping the flying potato.

“I noze it, I noze it,” signed Golgofa, “but e iz just sooo stupid. I mean wot sort of idiot forgetz where dey left deyr wagon, specially wen it’s full of ladz? I’d never do dat ya now…in fact I reckon I could do a betta job dan he does o runnin dis place…I’ve got bigga brains dan im for sure.”

“Well dats true,” said Snos and to be fair it was, Golgofa was probably the cleverest ork he’d ever met.

“You no what…I’m gonna zoggin show im I am, come on, go and grab da ladz, were gonna show dat idiot who shud really be in charge round ere.”

Snos’ heart sank, while it was true Golgofa was the cleverest ork he knew, Roklaf was the biggest, and he had a crew of big, well ard boyz with him…

“Uuuuuur, boss, you sure you wanna do dat?”

Golgofa smiled…”don’t worry little un, I got me a cunnin plan.”

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