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Mission 1 – Bloodmoon Hunters

To say it had been a strange day would be an understatement…

He’d been at The Scrum talking to a seller about procuring some off world goods when she’d just walked right over and started chatting up the fethwit he was talking to. He’d been pissed, I mean she was acting like he didn’t exist, it wasn’t as if he really cared….she wasn’t even really his type.

Dressed as though she was a ganger from some bad holo pict movie…all ripped t shirt, blue hair and arms full of tats. 

He’d been about to walk away when she’d turned her attention on him…and he was lost.

She was funny, quick and charming and surprisingly (as he found that most women who looked the way she did were bat shit crazy) really easy to talk to.

Looking back on it now he realised he’d been played…no one is that nice down here, but he had enjoyed the way she played him and she was damn good at it. By the end of it he’d almost been convinced and he knew most men would be falling over themselves to say Yes to her, like love struck 15 year olds…

God you could be her dad old man.

Those same idiots would be doubly likely to say Yes when they heard the job she was offering…

Plant a device at the Headquarters of the Iron Collective in Aire, make sure no one tampers with it for a few minutes once it’s in position, extract and collect 300 Credits. Sounded easy.

Fortunately he was no fool, born yesterday. He knew 300 was way over the top for what she was asking in the first place, so why then, on top of the 300 Credits, had whoever was actually hiring for the job sent someone as…persuasive as her…why not just the usual hard nosed thug?

The only answer was, whoever was asking, wanted whoever took the job, to have a bit more skin in the game. 

What she was asking was obviously a lot harder and a lot more dangerous than it seemed.

Thank God he was no fool, he’d seen this deal for what it was from the moment the words spilled out of her pretty mouth. Yup he wasn’t born yesterday…

He looked down at the small package in his hand.

300 credits was 300 credits and he had mouths to feed and ammo to buy and besides it would be good to see the smile on her face when he told her the job was done. 

Time to find out why whoever wants this job done would send such a classy agent to broker the deal.


Set up

4×4 table


Roll random side for Enemy forces, Player sets up their forces on the opposite edge. Both players may deploy up to 12” on to the table.

Enemy Forces

5 gangers with las/auto gun (as wielded by the model), mesh armour, combat knife and las pistol.

M5 WS 4+ BS 4+ S3 T3 W1 I4+ A1 Ld 7+ Cl 7+ Wp 8+ Int8+

1 Heavy with Heavy Stubber (or equivalent as wielded by model) Mesh Armour and laspistol

M5 WS 4+ BS 3+ S4 T3 W1 I4+ A1 Ld 7+ Cl 7+ Wp 8+ Int8+

1 Leader with Special Weapon or Bolter (as wielded by the model), Mesh armour, Sword (or equivalent) and Armoured Undersuit

M5 WS 3+ BS 3+ S3 T4 W2 I3+ A2 Ld 6+ Cl 6+ Wp 7+ Int7+

Enemy AI


Victory Conditions

The player gang must choose a model from their crew to be carrying the package. That model must move to a location in the centre of the board but 12” away from the enemies deployment zone and spend Double action to place the package. The Gang must then prevent any Enemy models from reaching the package for 3 turns.

As soon as the package is placed The Enemy AI switches to Aggressive using The Package as their target.

If the model carrying the package is taken OOA or SI or if you want to swap who is carrying the package you can move another model into B2B contact with the model carrying the package and perform a Basic action to transfer the package to the new model.


  • For every enemy model taken OOA +1
  • To the model who plants the Package +1 XP
  • To the Leader of the winning gang if the Victory conditions are met +1 XP

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