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Mission 1 – Golden Dawn

“I’m telling you boss, this place is perfect, fething perfect…”

“Yessss, I heard you the first time” the flapping of the tent door accentuating the staccato hiss of  his words

It certainly did sound perfect 

Remote location, easily defendable and as far as he could tell totally off the grid but clearly with comms to the outside world…

All in all the perfect place to set up a base camp….

But then a rule which had always served him well was it something seemed too good to be true…it often was.

Their insider was a grade delta shift worker at the place and so while his clearance didn’t allow him access to most of the complex what he had seen so far was certainly encouraging. It was a pity the brotherhood hadn’t managed to place anyone higher up in the hierarchy but the fact they had anyone on the inside was damn impressive given the ridiculous amount of screening each applicant went through. 

And that was the rub…somewhere which took security that seriously wasn’t simply going to roll over and open the doors to his ragged band.

Still it couldn’t hurt to take a little look could it? Maybe they could ‘convince’ some of the guards patrolling the perimeter to join them? That way later on they may well be able to just walk up and open the doors.

It had to be worth a look. It had to be better than this damn tent.


Set up

4×4 table


The player deploys his forces on a table edge of their choosing no more than 6” from the table edge place the Enemy according to the Sentry Sneak Attack rules.

Enemy Forces

7 gangers with las/auto/shot gun (as wielded by the model), mesh armour , combat knife and las pistol.

M5 WS 4+ BS 4+ S3 T3 W1 I4+ A1 Ld 7+ Cl 7+ Wp 8+ Int8+

1 Leader with Special Weapon or bolt gun (as wielded by the model), Mesh armour, Sword (or equivalent) and armoured Undersuit

M5 WS 3+ BS 3+ S3 T4 W2 I3+ A2 Ld 6+ Cl 6+ Wp 7+ Int7+

Victory Conditions

The player must infect at least 3 guards, guards may be infecte3d by performing a silent takedown on them.

Silent Takedown (Double)

Perform a move action but the model may come in to B2B contact with an enemy model as long as it is approaching the model out of its LoS. Once in B2B make a normal WS attack at +1 to hit and if you take the model SI or OOA the model is taken down silently and the alarm is not raised.

If the model is not taken OOA the model automatically raises the alarm.

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